The New Year's stand-by operation is scheduled to be replaced by. In this case, the preparation and execution of the introductory lectures in attendance can be carried out independently at the respective faculty/central institution. In addition, a large number of shops must close. Januar 2021 zu den 2. Since 1 July 2020 these restrictions have also been lifted for some non-EU countries. Is it possible to conduct job interviews on site during selective and limited presence operation? Larger courses such as lectures are available online for first-year students as well. Neben klassischen Funktionen, wie Uni-News, Speiseplan der Mensa, persönlicher Stundenplan oder Lageplan, erleichtern weitere Funktionen den Studienalltag, so z.B. Virtual training courses are offered for using the video conference system BigBlueButton. In addition, the following regulations apply: If a medical certificate has established the need for supervision, care, or nursing of your sick child, there is a right to exemption according to § 45 SGB V (if your child is insured in the public health insurance system, lives in your own household, and is under 12 years of age or disabled and in need of assistance) in 2020 for a maximum of 15 working days or for a maximum of 30 working days for single parents. How can I be sure that I will not lose my BAföG entitlement if the university closes and the standard duration of my studies is exceeded? Further information and contact persons can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau. This means: Operations at Chemnitz University of Technology will be shut down to an absolutely necessary minimum until 22 December 2020. Yes, all employees of Chemnitz University of Technology are instructed to make use of mobile work as far as possible. The DAAD provides information on its website as well as a list of FAQs and gives advice for scholarship holders and those receiving funding. Current IT recommendations for mobile work can be found on the URZ blog. Already on 23 December 2020, there will no longer be any on-site work at Chemnitz University of Technology. Before leaving the country, students should in any case find out whether their host university is located in one of the current risk areas. The voting manager determines whether the vote is to be secret or by name. If a student decides to take an exam in the 2020 summer semester - registers for it or takes part in it - the achieved result will be treated as a regular attempt. In principle, the existing IT services provided by the University Computer Center (URZ) will remain available. In addition, a personal inspection of files could also be considered in individual cases, if inspection cannot be carried out in any other way and a sufficiently large room is available to ensure greater distances between those present, and if the hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology with regard to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is observed. As a component of the learning platform OPAL ONYX is directly available as course element in the course editor. due to the need for laboratory or technical equipment). Entry restrictions still exist for all other non-EU countries. This also applies in particular to the proof of activities in ESF-funded doctoral projects. As far as it is necessary for the communication with persons with hearing impairments and persons with speech impediments, mouth-nose masks can be removed. hygiene concept for the implementation of on-site courses, form for the collection of contact data of students participating in on-site courses. Arbeitsagentur und Jobcenter erreichbar 18.12.2020 . Are the rooms or building entrances locked during the current operation? Es ist Partner der Studierenden der Technischen Universität Chemnitz und der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau (FH). Shift schedules should ensure that fixed teams are formed wherever possible, i.e. The Chairmen of the Examination Committees were asked to consider alternative exam types favourably. there is no integrated return channel for your viewers. You can find information about study opportunities at TU Chemnitz, The winter semester begins on 1 October 2020 and will be opened on 5 October 2020 with the, Staff Office for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (BfAU), Information and availability for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021, The corona virus hotline +49 371 488-5302 is also staffed over Christmas and New Year. The blog entries are constantly updated. Is the continuation of my contract as a student/scientific assistant at risk due to the current operation? TU Chemnitz lädt vom 12. bis 21. You can integrate the screencast directly into your PowerPoint slide or save it externally: For Windows, but also for Linux or Mac OS you can also work – but without sound – with the free tool VLC. They were only allowed to enter the country with compelling reasons. If you do not have the necessary technical requirements in your home country to take part in a digital exam, please also contact the responsible examiners. Doctoral defences may, if necessary, be carried out in (partial) attendance (“mixed form”), i.e. The approval of business trips in connection with private travel is not possible. regarding building access or similar) to the Crisis Management Team or University Management is not necessary. Members of Chemnitz University of Technology can contact the Psychosocial Counseling Center of the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in case of acute psychological stress or problems by calling +49 371 531-28404. “Is it possible to extend my fixed-term employment contract as an academic assistant or research assistant due to the corona pandemic?”. Please also use the postal service for other written correspondence concerning the organisation of your studies, such as applications for exmatriculation. The absolutely necessary minimum operation is to be implemented and ensured independently by the deans, heads, and department heads in the respective areas (faculties, central institutions, departments, etc.). According to § 56 para. The Free State of Saxony and the Federal Ministry of Health also issued special rules for entry and return travelers from international risk areas. For this purpose, the published form must be completed and submitted to the respective dean or the director of the Centre for Teacher Education (ZLB) for confirmation by stamp and signature, including the reason (indication of the respective course(s) or examination(s)). During the vacation period of schools or the regular closing time of kindergartens or day-care centers, special leave/exemption from work for this purpose shall not be granted. Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2021 Due to the current Corona situation the MTEX workshop 2021 we be held entirely online. If there are no objections, the voting manager finally determines the result. With the step into stand-by operation from Monday, 23 March 2020, 5:00 p.m., exams on the premises of Chemnitz University of Technology were prohibited and should be postponed if possible. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. In the case that teaching or examination formats deviate from the module description, students will be granted nonrecognition of an exam taken in the 2020 summer semester if the application for nonrecognition (without stating reasons) is submitted before re-enrolment for this exam, at the latest on 31 March 2021 in the ZPA.”. Care must be taken to ensure that the mouth-nose cover is handled properly (putting it on and taking it off, no moving while wearing it). Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning, Education Portal Saxony: E-Learning Starting Guide, Guide for teaching and learning scenarios, Blog entry of the URZ about the workshop “Tests und Umfragen mit ONYX”, Bildungsportal Sachsen: Self-study module eExam on OPAL, Introduction and examples of the TU Dresden. Concrete possibilities of support and further information can be found in a PDF document of the coordinator for inclusion and contact person for students with disabilities at Chemnitz University of Technology. All other persons are currently prohibited from entering the buildings of Chemnitz University of Technology. Test ambulance of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen in Chemnitz. The signed declaration of the examinee is also sent to the Central Examination Office (ZPA). the candidate sits alone in a closed room and. A detailed overview of all corona virus hotlines and citizens' telephones in Saxony can be found on the Free State's websites. If you have any questions, please consult the contact persons for your faculty in section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. The easiest way to conduct your consultation hours without direct contact is by telephone. If you need recordings beyond PowerPoint slides, for example of experiments or blackboard addresses, you can also borrow one of the four video backpacks of the Professorship of Media Informatics for free. The university crisis management team with regard to the coronavirus consists of the following persons: Since 13 July 2020, Chemnitz University of Technology has been in the second stage of selective and limited presence operation. The current situation is a great psychological burden for me. If you are travelling from a risk area, please note the question "What do I have to do if I am travelling from a risk area? On the website of the Student_innenrat (StuRa) of Chemnitz University of Technology you will find further information on this topic. on the website of the Department of Budget and Economy, How can I prevent infections? According to this, leave may be granted for a maximum of 10 working days in a calendar year for each child who has not yet reached the age of 12 years, and for single parents for a maximum of 20 working days, leaving their salaries unchanged. During the New Year's stand-by period from 2 to 10 January 2021, only core team members will have access. We recommend that you test the chosen alternative in advance with, for example, student assistants, employees or advanced students. Unfortunately, this means that all courses for students in the first semester that do not fall into this category can no longer be held in (partial) attendance and only courses that cannot be held digitally (e.g., due to required laboratory or technical equipment) may be held in (partial) attendance. On request from the respective division, this can be registered with the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU) via Mr. Steffen Rau (phone: +49 371 531-34254, e-mail: steffen.rau@...). Until 31.05.2020, you can use public transportation until 31.05.2020 with your imprint of the winter semester 2019/20 (WS19/20 V STIK or WS19/20 STURA) and a current certificate of enrollment from the summer semester 2020! Return of members and relatives of Chemnitz University of Technology after a corona infection. Yes, this is possible in coordination with the Chemnitz health authority. … TU Chemnitz 07.12.2020 07 Dez FSR WiWi Weihnachtsvorlesung 2020 Prof. Dr. Kolev spricht zum Thema: "Hat die Soziale Marktwirtschaft auch nach Corona eine … Keep the greatest possible distance when coughing or sneezing. The development of the current situation is very dynamic. The Saxon Act on Freedom of Higher Education (SächsHSFG) does not oppose virtual meetings. If the employee works exclusively in the home office and there is no other workplace available at the employer’s premises, this is the centre of the professional activity. Many degree programs do not conclude with the final paper but with its defense (also: colloquium, debate etc.). We wish all students a successful start into the new semester despite the current circumstances! The Central Examination Office (ZPA) is temporarily closed to the public. On YouTube you will find a video explaining how to use BigBlueButton. for the corona virus and is in officially ordered quarantine. Questions during the course can be asked via chat or microphone. Please also note the information for those entering Saxony (German only, state: August 7, 2020) provided by the State Ministry of Social Affairs and Cohesion. on site (Version 1.3, December 16, 2020), Additional special information on lending and inter-library loan at the University Library (Version 1.3, December 15, 2020), Additional special instructions for written exams held in attendance for examinees (Version 1.3, September 17, 2020), Icons for Corona Communication (Download). An up-to-date list can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Corona-Lage in Chemnitz: TU-Mitarbeiter sollen Gesundheitsämter unterstützen 18.12.2020 . To simplify and speed up the process, please use the form Antrag auf Annullierung einer Prüfung ( Request for Cancellation of an Exam) created by the ZPA. TU Chemnitz 23.11.2020 23 Nov Schnupperstudium – Studieren erleben . The Human Resources Department makes every effort to realize all legally possible further employment. What happens if I was tested positive for the coronavirus? Corona-Lage in Chemnitz: 263 Covid-Patienten im Krankenhaus, 45 auf der Intensivstation 15.12.2020 Corona in Sachsen: 111 weitere Todesfälle binnen 24 Stunden is to be restricted to an absolute minimum – with the exception of security guards and the mail service. To keep a PowerPoint file small despite the use of images, click on an image in your presentation, select the ribbon “Image Tools → Format” and then select the button “Compress Images”. Please note the hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology and the additional special notes on the lending and inter-library loan of the University Library. There you will find the button “Screen recording” in the media section. This is necessary, for example, for enrolment when taking up studies or for taking exams which are conducted in attendance. The participants have to be informed in advance of the event about the current hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology. In the “Convert” window, click on “Browse“ and enter the name of the converted or reduced file. We are working on an agreement with the Foreigner's Registration Office in this regard. In the same course you will also find a list and explanation of the different types of course elements offered by OPAL as well as a short description of the application scenarios for the respective elements: Various video tutorials on OPAL are also provided by the Education Portal Saxony: Education Portal Saxony: Video tutorials on OPAL. If your residence permit or visa has expired during your stay in your home country and you have not submitted an application for an extension before expiry (not even by e-mail), you must apply for a new visa. There are no separate times on site for patients with symptoms or patients without symptoms, i.e. The URZ provides a simple description of the procedure. Your commitment is especially important and valuable right now! For didactical, conceptual, or technical questions and for support in the use of OPAL please use the central contact e-mail: e-learning@... or the e-learning hotline: +49 371 531 13444 (Mon. How many confirmed and suspected cases of the corona virus are there currently in the city of Chemnitz? Alternatively, the examinee should be given the opportunity to make enquiries by e-mail/telephone. Video recording of the webinar „Digital Exams at the Chemnitz University of Technology“. The post office at Reichenhainer Straße 70 is open daily from 10.00 to 10.30 a.m. Erfenschlag will be covered in the first tour. I have never worked with OPAL or ONYX before. What are the general requirements for exams? in the case of meetings by videoconference, a situation “similar to a face-to-face meeting” should be created where possible. Which restrictions should I expect? Euer Studentenausweis ist seit dem letzten Wintersemester nicht nur für die Universitätsbibliothek TU Chemnitz, die Mensa und den Nahverkehr gut, sondern gewährt euch freien Eintritt zu einem Großteil der Chemnitzer Kulturszene.️ ️ . Learning Crystallographic Texture Analysis with MTEX The workshop extends over two weeks and is part of the Master Course Introduction into the crystallographic texture analysis and counts for 4 ETCS points. The course module “OPAL - Erste Schritte” offers step-by-step instructions with numerous explanatory illustrations. In consultation with the respective supervisor, the monthly number of hours agreed in the employment contract is to be performed in mobile work. You can find detailed information in a handout on the website of the Central University Administration.