Position She angrily attacked Tokuga, but was grabbed by his tentacle arm and flipped over. After the ceremony, he was found by Bolin, who tried to sway him to stop being Wu's bodyguard and join him and Kuvira's army instead. Usage Medieval German, East Frisian (Archaic) Other Forms Forms Makke, Macco. Book Two: Spirits (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence) Lin told Mako he was not to bring Wonyong in unless he had hard evidence that the Triple Threats and the businessman were connected. Makko by Junior Family from the Album Le top des génériques TV Juniors, Vol. Mako is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. Although baffled to see Kuvira crush Hiroshi to death in his hummingbird suit, Mako managed to dive inside the hole together with Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Korra.[53]. He tends to act in a critical and controlling manner, stemming from a life on the streets and a drive to protect his little brother, which forced him to take on adult responsibilities at a young age. He often resorted to his firebending to protect himself and Bolin on the streets. [27] His control is also very fine, as he is able to form a sleek dagger for intimidation and the likes. He is the first bender shown to stop Amon from taking someone's bending away. Mako ignored Bolin, saying that they had need to find Tokuga and to radio Beifong for backup. bukan tim repsol gan mohon bantuannya ya Agan-agan pasti tahu dong yang namanya komic atau cerita bergambar. After again criticizing his brother for getting into stupid situations, the two left, but, at Bolin's urging, with the fire ferret whom the earthbender named Pabu. Surname information is crowd-sourced; the Geni community would be grateful if you helped update this page with information about the Makko surname. I'm Swiss, 21 years old and love to draw! In an attempt to prevent Unalaq from merging with Vaatu, Mako and Bolin fought him outside the Southern spirit portal. When Korra did not show up when she was scheduled to arrive back at Republic City after three years of absence, he was left to wonder where the Avatar could be.[48]. Mako, Bolin, and Asami ended up being fooled into believing the airbenders were at the temple, however, which led to them being cornered by Ghazan, who used his lavabending to bring down the entire temple. Profession Mako apologized to Lin, and she said it was alright, Tokuga had simply been one step ahead of them. With Tenzin's help, the threesome managed to navigate their way to lower parts of the building, though their escape routes were soon blocked by the advancing lava. SG: MAKKO akan menerbitkan Linimasa dan Zephyrion. Amennyiben az E-ügyintézés űrlapjainak kitöltésében segítségre lenne szüksége, kérjük hívja a +36 62 511 800 telefonszámot! Makko left his family behind and migrated to Australia with only his mother and sister at the age of 10 to seek opportunities for a better life. Mako collected the owner's bet while Bolin talked to Toza about that night's match; the firebender chastised him because he believed that doing so would get them in trouble with Shady Shin. However, with Korra's help, Mako was able to rescue his brother before Amon reached him. As a last defense, Mako generated lightning and aimed it at the water connected to Ming-Hua, killing her in the process. Website IP is 58 szállásajánlat. Korra predicted that Tokuga would lay low for a time, but was certain they had not seen the last of him. Mako blasted Amon with lightning for a momentary escape. Mako stated to Bolin that in order to survive in Republic City, one had to "hustle or be hustled". Saved by Bumi, Mako and Bolin engaged Unalaq, though they could not prevent him from merging with Vaatu and become the Dark Avatar. Mako is willing to threaten others to protect the people close to him. After the Anti-bending Revolution, Mako started as a beat-cop for the Republic City Police Force. Submitted Name. Her skills were such that she managed to teach herself every known programming language, and at the age of eight, managed to crash the bank account of a red light district orphanage in which she lived, which had attempted to sell her. When they inquired about new airbenders in the city, Chow and Tu told them there was a rumor that Earth Queen Hou-Ting was retaining them for experimental purposes. [37] His friends, family, and sense of duty remained the main motivation for his actions, making him willing to do what was necessary, even make the ultimate sacrifice, if it meant keeping the people he cared for save.[54]. They freed Tenzin and his children, though when they were faced by Amon, the Equalist leader managed to take away Korra's bending. However, the gangsters ended up double-crossing them and Asami's warehouse was robbed clean while they were being kept busy. Mako encouraged Bolin to try metalbending them out of prison. Mako and Bolin rushed to Guan and Sheng's aid after Kuvira tried to use the brainwashing device against them after feigning her willing surrender. He said he thought it was possible, and suggested that they bring Wonyong in for questioning. That night, after Bolin broke into the pet shop to steal the fire ferret, he was strangled by the pythonaconda, but Mako arrived and yanked the snake away. Mako was handpicked by Wu to be his personal bodyguard. Her kan du følge med i min blog om grønlandsk kultur, sprog og identitet – og læse lidt mere om, hvem jeg er og hvad jeg evt. They went up to a receptionist's desk and requested to speak to Mr. Keum, but she turned them away, saying they would need an appointment. Mako defended Skoochy from Bolin, who acted as a "bad cop". She eventually managed to help them win the match, and as such, a lasting partnership was formed. Before he could escape, however, he was rendered unconscious by the backlash of the spirit core energy though was saved by Bolin, who had returned for him and carried him to the lower parts of the suit to be protected from the devastating explosion of the power core that blasted the suit in half. Korra and Mako attempted to fight off Unalaq in order to secure their escape. Mako said that if he cooperated, they had be willing to get him some better accommodations for his jail cell. The following morning, Mako and the others set out to investigate how the breach in security could have occurred, a search that eventually led them to suspect the city's resident truth seer, Aiwei, as he was the only one who could tell a lie and be believed. [22] When restrained by Amon's bloodbending, he was able to maintain enough focus and calmness of mind to generate lightning and score a direct hit against the Equalist leader. After escaping th… [16] After Mako lost his parents, he was willing to do whatever was necessary to help him and his brother survive the rough environment of Republic City, even going as far as scamming and working for a notorious criminal organization. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. By the age of 7, Mako was an orphan living on Nar Shaddaa and already had earned a reputation for having an unnatural affiliation to all things computer related, including slicing. Makko genealogy and family history facts. Mako questioned why she thought it had been them, and she responded she would tell him how she knew on the drive there. However, when Toza won and Bolin revealed that he had encouraged the pro-bender to not to throw the match, Mako urged his brother to run from an irritated Shin. Despite his best efforts, however, Mako could not fend off Ming-Hua, and the two brothers eventually ended up being captured and loaded onto a truck to Ba Sing Se.[41]. The Before leaving, Mako and the rest of Team Avatar joined Wu and Zhu Li in a sauna as they discussed bringing Kuvira to Gaoling in an effort to stand up to Guan. [49] Upon learning Korra was back in Republic City, Mako met up with her and Asami, though Wu ended up accompanying him. Sledovat Odebírej novinky SledujeÅ¡ ZruÅ¡it odběr Mako has noticeable close-range and bare-handed combat skills, able to expertly perform a shoulder-throw. The group searched everywhere in the building, but had no success, and left as they were mocked by Jargala. Once aboard the airship, the party was ambushed by Guan and his army. 214 Followers, 307 Following, 8,404 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from makko (@usamakko) As they left Lin's office, Bolin remarked to Mako that he guessed that the lead on Wonyong had been a dead end, but Mako remarked that he did not think so, and that the two should pay a visit to Two-Toed Ping. If you have information about this name, share it in the comments area below! Mako told Lin Beifong about Korra's theory that Wonyong Keum was behind the Triple Threat Triad's attack on the spirit portal. Makko is a old name, it origins from a retard male. Quickly ambushing the Red Lotus sentries, the group released the airbenders from the chains in which they were held. After finding him, they fought off several Dai Li agents and making it to the surface, they spotting Korra and Tenzin coming to them on Oogi. Before the women could say anything, however, Jinora's spiritual projection appeared to warn Team Avatar about the ongoing attack of the Triple Threat Triad on the spirit portal. [20] He was broken out of jail by Lin Beifong soon after, who alerted them, much to Mako's shock, that Korra had been kidnapped. Bolin told the rest of the group that he would have to leave, as Zhu Li had back-to-back meetings the rest of the day, and Mako noted with interest that Bolin had decided to stick to the job, his brother telling him that after what they went through, he was fine with filing office paperwork for a while. התכנים הכי מעודכנים של חדשות 12, תכניות קשת, מחשבים ואינטרנט, אוכל, ספורט ועוד. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Makko surname lived. However, when Hasook was a no-show on the last match, he was forced to allow Korra, a green player, to take the waterbender's place. Mako rushed to Korra's side and supported her after she was blocked out of meditating into the Spirit World due to Zaheer's memory. After she broke with Tenzin and started her spiritual training under Unalaq,[4] Mako accompanied her on her journey toward the South Pole, where she opened the Southern spirit portal. It is also the 195,054 th most common first name globally It is held by 1,558 people. He has considerable raw strength, as he could effortlessly launch an Equalist agent a great distance, casually carry Bolin over his shoulder or Korra in his arms, and hoist an Equalist into the air with one hand. However, from the moment Makko learnt English he has always been profoundly into Hip Hop and Rap music, looking up to modern greats such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Mako was born the son of an Earth Kingdom man named San and Naoki, a Fire Nation woman, two years before Bolin. Hear the five best songs of the week on the Unearthed podcast every Friday morning. Once on the other side, Mako spotted Tokuga falling from the airship and ordered his brother to assist their friends while he pursued the triad leader. [28] His commitment and effectiveness on the streets was such that he earned himself praise from President Raiko. By 174 AG, Mako had begun styling his hair to resemble General Iroh's. Due to this connection, Future Industries took care of the Fire Ferrets' monetary issues by sponsoring the team. To make it up to him, she took him to dinner at Kwong's Cuisine, marking the start of their relationship. As such, he was the first to respond to a call about Daw, a new airbender, roaming the city and broke the news of the resurfacing airbenders to Tenzin. The creators commented that Mako reminded them of Zuko, but without the angst. She commanded her officers to sweep the area for clues of where he was going, and Mako told Bolin they would not find anything, but that he needed to follow up on the lead on Wonyong. The three of them met up at Asami's mobile office, only to discover it had been nearly destroyed by earthbenders. 107 likes. Eventually, Mako abandoned these immoral activities but refused to admit the criminality of his past actions to Korra, as he firmly believed he was doing what was necessary to survive. However, he was stopped by Amon and was on the verge of losing his bending, when Korra saved him with her newly unlocked airbending. As he was about to finish Mako, Bolin came to the defense of his brother, forcing Tokuga to flee. Lin listened to Mako and when he was finished asked if he bought her "cockamamie" theory. Find information about the Makko family, see the geographical distribution of the Makko last name. Their entire, pinnately veined leaves are alternately borne along the stems. Mako is also shown to be quite level-headed in dire situations and has quick thinking, which was exhibited when he came up with a plan to save his brother from the Equalists during Amon's revelation. Machilus are evergreen trees or shrubs, some species growing as much as 30 m tall. He later watched as Kuvira was brought before a tribunal to answer for her crimes as ruler of the Earth Empire, and witnessed Suyin confront Kuvira after she plead not guilty. David Faustino Triple Threat Triad (formerly)Fire Ferrets (formerly)Republic City power plant (formerly)Team AvatarRepublic City PoliceGuan's army (brainwashed, formerly) Strong impact coarse language and/or themes, each week we feature the best artists for you to discover, the latest Unearthed tracks played on triple j radio, the latest tracks played on our digital radio station, see what triple j presenters and staff rate this week, see what the guests dropping by our studios are loving, see what our most enthusiastic users have to say. As such, he accompanied her to Zaheer's prison, where she faced the airbender by herself, hoping it would give her peace of mind.[51]. Gender Masculine. He has used lightning for a job at a power plant in Republic City[1] and can effectively use it in combat. Some time after, Mako spoke privately with Korra, who inquired how his arm was recovering. Save. When Bolin asked how Korra and Asami's vacation had been, Mako noticed how the women turned to each other, conversing in hushed tones, and called them out on their strange behavior. As Team Avatar made their way over to the portal on a flying bison, Mako informed the others that Tokuga was the Triple Threats' new leader and tried to contact the rest of the police force for assistance. Although his apartment was in ruins, Mako declined Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island and resided at the police headquarters instead. Numerology information Makko: Name Number: 6. Promising to get out as soon as he could, he fired a continuous bolt of lightning, causing the power core to overload and explode. [33], Shortly after Harmonic Convergence, Mako rejoined the Fire Ferrets and took part in a charity championship organized to help rebuild the city following the damages caused by the Unalaq Crisis. Weird things about the name Makko: The name spelled backwards is Okkam. Mako is the fourth known person to break free of a bloodbender's hold by their own doing, and the first non-waterbender known to have done so. [4] He is also capable of piloting an airship, though is still an amateur at landing the vehicle.[43]. Searching his home, the team discovered a secret room, though before they could investigate, Aiwei returned home and deduced Team Avatar's intentions; he managed to escape the city and nearly blew Team Avatar up in the process. When Bolin pretended to chase after him and fight, Mako willingly gave the purse to his brother, deceiving the woman into thinking that the young earthbender had stopped a thief. Tokuga told Korra she would learn to answer for her actions, causing Mako to angrily react that it was instead Tokuga who needed to answer questions. Mako later got a phone call from a distressed Korra, who told him she had reason to believe Asami Sato had been kidnapped. Hello I am Makko! With Kuvira's attack on Republic City imminent, Mako, Korra, Bolin, and Asami decided that they would try to take out the spirit energy cannon. Bolin returned to Mako with a reward of two yuans and a loaf of bread he had stolen from the old woman; after Bolin gave a piece of the loaf to his brother, Mako reminded him that they had not eaten anything the day before. Firebending, lightning generation Watch Queue Queue Image gallery (262) Makko developed a keen interest in music in his early childhood as his father introduced him to music production and taught him how to play guitar. We let your favourite music makers and music lovers take over the radio to play their Unearthed favs. Arriving, Mako sought out and challenged Tokuga, attacking him with his firebending in an attempt to arrest him. Watch Queue Queue. The reunion soon became tense among the old friends, when the three years of separation caught up with them. Ping responded that he was being honest, and that Tokuga had no way of sending him messages through prison, so he had no idea where they were. Mako grins as he receives the winnings for one of the Fire Ferrets' matches. As they discussed the details, Mako got a call from Lin Beifong calling for all police members to head to the police depot, because it was under attack by the Triple Threats. Active Bands; Past Bands; Brewmaster. The foursome retreated into the tunnel system of the city, where they would await the arrival of reinforcements in the form of General Iroh and his United Forces. He asked Tokuga if he was stealing the weapons for Wonyong, and if he was the one who sent the Triple Threats to attack the portal. The largest selection of the most comfortable frames of any Australian owned polarised eyewear company. Mako and Korra infiltrated an Equalist rally. His protective attitude toward his younger brother on the street in the years after their parents' death reflected this side of him as well. He reminded her that the Triple Threat leader was unhinged and that she should not let him manipulate her as such. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Makko grew up with his grandmother as both of his parents were absent from his childhood. Spending the night on the streets, the brothers tried to find their way back to the Upper Ring, though they ended up finding their paternal family instead. [6] Mako, with the help of his teammates, was able to lead the team to second place in the championship. Afterward, Shin told them that if they did not acquire enough bets to recover the ten thousand yuans given to Toza, he would abandon Mako and Bolin on the streets, after which the two brothers speedily departed.[12]. Mako is very dutiful in his job as a cop, having arrested several triad members since joining the force, and was on the fast track to becoming detective. As the two groups attacked the Triple Threat mecha suit forces, Tokuga took both Asami and Keum on his airship and fled. Asami refused to let Kuvira out of confinement during the attack, and though Mako managed to overpower the Earth Empire soldiers with firebending, he was overpowered and was kidnapped along with Asami, Mako and Kuvira. Voiced by As a grateful Korra hugged him, Mako then confessed that while he is still adjusting to his two ex-girlfriends dating each other, he was nonetheless supportive of their newfound relationship. As Marcus "Makko" Bäckbrant: Guitars, Vocals. [14], Acknowledging the dangerous nature and moral ambiguity of their past, Mako was determined never to return to that life and explicitly forbade Bolin from associating with the Triple Threats in any way. This section is a placeholder for information about the Makko surname. His sense of duty also caused him to divulge information that would strain his relationship with Korra, ultimately ending it.[27]. Martine Lind Krebs. Mako and Bolin went to Keum Enterprises' headquarters to try and meet with Wonyong Keum. Last appearance [28] Mako continued his investigation and eventually grew suspicious of Varrick, though before he could do something about it, Mako was arrested in his apartment for the bombing of the cultural center, incriminating evidence present all over the place. Mako stopped Bolin from buying it as they could not afford to feed it, and felt his younger brother needed to toughen up and realize that bigger animals consumed those smaller than them. His aspirations changed, however, when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team to replace Hasook and became a loyal friend. One day in 167 AG,[11] during Mako's involvement with the Triple Threat Triad, the young firebender and his brother attempted to pull off a scam on an elderly woman. Having both arrested a triad member and loaded them into their vehicle, Mako and Bolin headed back to the temporarily police headquarters to start processing the criminals. Skoochy said he had been fine until the two of them had showed up, and asked what they wanted. Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice; Songs about Makko: 7 dager i uken (feat. ! When Mako asked why he would do that when he loved being a cop, Bolin replied that he did not want to be tied down and solemnly stated they had to part ways, even though Mako dryly reminded they would still see each other at home. Some time after, he rejoined Team Avatar, reporting that, despite a thorough search, Tokuga had eluded him, nor did Mako see him escape through the spirit portal. When they eventually grew tired of waiting and barged into Aiwei's room, they discovered that he had meditated into the Spirit World. Political information Trading blows, Mako eventually managed to kill Ming-Hua by electrocuting her with his lightning. Real/full name: Marcus Bäckbrand Age: N/A Place of origin: Sweden Gender: Male. After the Equalists' defeat, Mako traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, hoping that Katara could restore Korra's bending. Mako demanded Tokuga release Keum immediately, to which Tokuga questioned why he would take such an action, as he had the advantage. [52] However, he survived the explosion and when Tenzin warned them that Kuvira was heading their way with a battalion of mecha suits, he refused to leave the city, fearing that Kuvira would discover and attack Wu. Mako and Bolin posed with their parents for a photo. Mako told Bolin to stop, because they were not filming a mover. The group made their way to Zaofu, home to the Metal Clan, where they met Suyin Beifong and her family. After Korra boarded the airship, poison gas was released from the craft before Asami directed it into the Spirit World, prompting Mako and Bolin to follow suit. Due to Bolin's status as a mover star, they managed to procure a room at the inn from which they could stake out Aiwei's. When Amon moved to do the same to Mako, the firebender managed to temporarily overpower Amon, and run away with Korra. With Suyin's help, however, Mako and the others were given a jeep so they could continue to track Aiwei down outside the city. [1] He formed a pro-bending team with his brother and Hasook and aspired for his new career to bring him fame and fortune. [32] Healed by Kya, Mako helped in the efforts to keep a multitude of dark spirits away from Korra's meditating body in the Tree of Time while she defeated the Dark Avatar. During Wu's coronation, Mako was shocked to see Kuvira denounce Wu's authority and dissolve the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her leadership. Bolin remembered how, when they were kids, the Triple Threats had used them to move messages between Triad members, and remarked that maybe Tokuga was doing the same thing. They were eventually freed by Zaheer himself, however, as he needed them to relay a message to Korra. After having learned that he truly was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe,[23] they eventually found him at the Pro-bending Arena, where he was holding a victory speech. Due to maintaining a more distanced view on the brewing conflict between the Water Tribes, Mako soon found himself having relationship troubles with Korra and after he revealed her plans to ask the United Forces fleet for help behind President Raiko's back to the president, they broke up.[27]. Makko has released 2 singles in all major digital audio platforms and currently plans to release his first album work before 2020. Mako and the rest of Team Avatar discussed whether Kuvira could be trusted to help out with in the democratic movement. [1], Heading for the championship, the team needed funding to play, thus Mako got a job at Republic City Power Plant. כל מה שהכי מעניין בארץ ובעולם Mako helped Lin to trick Two Toed Ping into confessing the name of the Triple Threat Triad's new leader, Tokuga. Upon arriving at Ba Sing Se, the brothers were gagged and subsequently presented before the Earth Queen, who ordered the Dai Li to send them to the palace dungeon. Makko left his family behind and migrated to Australia with only his mother and sister at the age of 10 to seek opportunities for a better life. In the following months, Mako joined the Republic City Police Force, where he steadily rose up from being a beat cop to a detective. After his breakup with Korra, Mako occupied himself by reading Jinora's books. They discovered her soul and those of several others trapped inside a vegetative pod that had transported their souls to the Spirit World. Nah kita semua kebanyakan suka ama yg namanya komic, namun kebanyakan setelah eranya babe gua atau jaman keemasan komik Indonesia di tahun 60-an sampai 70-an denga munculnya bebrapa komikus kenamaan macam R.A Kosasih dengan epic Mahabharata dan … Characterized by his stoic and brooding personality, Mako is generally aloof and indifferent, though he is not incapable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor. Description. As Korra traveled south to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival, he accompanied his girlfriend, though as tensions rose between Korra and her father, Mako found that being the Avatar's boyfriend was not always that easy. Successfully saving Wu, the team reconciled, and while Asami and Korra returned to Air Temple Island, Mako retreated to the Sato estate with Wu, where they would reside with the rest of Mako's family. When Bolin reminded Mako of Lin's orders, Mako remarked that he did not care, Tokuga had just nearly killed them and he needed to be brought down using any lead. #new #australian #ambience #hiphop #electronica #trap #triplej #HipHop #Rap, Juice WRLD, Post Malone, Lil Skies, Mac Miller, XXXTentacion, The Weeknd. MAKKO JAYA INDONESIA, Jl. Mako warned Bolin that Pabu's food would come out of half of his money. Bintan Utara RT.01/RW 06 Gedanganak Ungaran Timur, Semarang – 50519 Indonesia Hubungi kami sekarang: +62813 2854 7919 E-mail: makkosales2@gmail.com Returning to the city, they reported on Kuvira's progress, and Mako witnessed in shock how Kuvira destroyed the United Forces battleships in a matter of seconds, before blowing up the factory they were all hiding in. Inside were some bodyguards, who were only just regaining consciousness. After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Mako attended the rest of Kuvira's trial, and saw her take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty. He failed to connect, however, as the radio frequencies had been fickle ever since the creation of the portal, and warned his friends that they were on their own for the battle. The brainwashed brothers demanded that Kuvira release them. However, after their match against the White Falls Wolfbats ended with their defeat due to cheating of the other team, Amon and his Equalists attacked the Pro-bending Arena, effectively destroying the building and leaving Mako and Bolin homeless. The police force had their hands full investigating the triads ravaging the city, as the different factions engaged each other in turf wars over the land that was not destroyed during the invasion.